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My name is Maura Clare. I chose the name Fiat Filia as the name of my blog, because as a filia (Latin for daughter) of God, I must give my fiat (Latin for ‘let it be done’) each and every day. This blog fulfills my wish to write, and I hope, part of my fiat. As a teenager living under the pressures of today’s society, I know how hard it is to say yes to God’s will for your life every day. I am currently a student at a Catholic high school and am enjoying all of the joys and struggles such a job description implies. Fiat Filia is inspired by an article I wrote my freshman year for the school newspaper called Fiat 500. (Read it here.)

As a cradle Catholic I have always been taught that God is calling me. After much anxiety and prayer, I have come to realize that I have absolutely no idea what He is calling me to do, and that is OK. My responsibility is to actively listen and respond with an open heart.

My goal in writing to you is this: to bring a unique light to the ways God manifests Himself in my life and the lives of others, and to inspire and aid you in saying ‘Yes’ to God every day. Salvation History as we know it would not be possible without Mary’s fiat, just as the fruit of our own lives will not be possible without our fiat. By telling God to “let it be done according to your will” we open our lives to innumerable graces. Please journey with me as I strive to find God’s will for my life.


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  1. Mom says:

    I am so blessed to have been chosen by God to serve as your earthly mother and to introduce you to our Heavenly Family. Jesus wants each of us to hold tight to our Blessed Mother, Mary. May you always ask Mary to hold you close to her heart, so that you may grow closer to Jesus, our Savior, each day.
    May your new endeavor reflect the light of Jesus to others.

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