Oh Happy Day

One of my favorite gospel songs is that of Oh Happy Day, written by Edwin Hawkins based on an 18th century hymn. To me it sounds of victory and of great joy. In fact, this song is what wakes me up every morning whether I am joyful or not. Because of the events of the past week, we are the Easter people, and Hallelujah is our song. We suffered with Jesus on the Way to Calvary, and now we have the promise of being raised to new life in the Resurrection. Though I held so much joy in my heart on Easter Sunday, the events of the day were not necessarily the happy ending to Lent I had been hoping for. Continue reading


Where Feet May Fail

To me, Lent is somewhat about facing our fear of the unknown, facing that which keeps us from trusting God with everything we are. As we carry our crosses alongside Jesus, we must trust with all of our hearts that Jesus will carry us to the end. He will be our Simon, uniting our crosses with his, picking us up when we fall. I have always been irrationally afraid of spiders and of heights, but my focus this Lent is on a fear that I have only realized recently.  
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