A Holy Pilgrimage, Part 2

Wednesday we traveled to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The purpose of the group going there was to be reminded that all human life is sacred, and that man has power to commit horrible atrocities to fellow man. The museum itself is a beautiful remembrance of something that is so prevalent in human history, but to me it represented so much more.  Continue reading


A Holy Pilgrimage, Part 1

Today I am journeying to Washington D.C. for the 2015 March for Life. This morning we had a Eucharistic procession through our town to the Cathedral, where Bishop Gaydos generously said mass for us. Now we are on the bus, passing the time with prayer and anticipation of the joy to come.

I would like to share my journal entry from today with you; it is written to God through the intercession of Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek:

                                          January 20, 2015
Dear Blessed Anton,
       We’re off! Today in his homily Bishop Gaydos told us: “Stand up for life. Stand up for justice. I am proud of you all. God bless you!” What fuel for this pilgrimage!
        He talked about how the media has in the past and will continue to keep silent about this holy pilgrimage. To them, we are not here. This saddens me beyond belief, but does not dampen my spirit. I will stand my ground and march for what I believe in until someone takes notice. We are not fighting a losing battle.
        According to the Guttmacher Institute, 205 abortion restrictions were enacted by the United States from 2011 to 2013, in comparison to only 189 enacted from 2001 to 2010!
         This journey will not be in vain. I am so excited to see what it will bring, though I know it may be difficult. Please turn my suffering into salvation.

                                  Maura Clare